There are many ways to support us. But why support us in the first place? We put a lot of time in creating these videos… like, a lot! The goal of these videos has always been to show our real sailing journey, the real experiences, from the very beginning. Nothing fake, and all genuine – with hopes that others can learn and maybe find some inspiration for their own passions. When you support us, you help us sail a little farther, and continue to produce sailing and traveling content.

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Our goal is to post our videos on the Take the Waters YouTube Channel every two weeks. To support through YouTube, all you need to do is:

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Patreon is a platform for artists and content creators to turn their hard work in to a business by receiving support. Our tiers are set up to receive your pledges per month, and not per video. Here, you will not only be supporting us, but will also receive exclusive Patron content and be a part a community.


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