SEASON 2 – Sailing Off to the Sea

Brian and Mandi set off on their sailing journey, but life has plans that they weren’t expecting. Watch their story unfold as they sail off to sea.

S2:E1 Building a DIY Watermaker, Our Hardest Sailboat Project Yet

We build, design, and install our own DIY 50 gph watermaker (desalination system) for our sailboat. This was the hardest project we’ve tackled on our sailboat, but this didn’t stop us from having fun with this episode. Watch until the end to see the best part of our comedic shenanigans!!!!

S2:E2 Bahama Bound – Anchorage Lessons Not Taught in Sailing School

We learn a sailing lesson the hard way when we experience an anchor nightmare! The conditions of our anchorage quickly changed from ideal to the worst days on anchor. Just at the beginning of our sailing journey to The Bahama’s, opposing wind and current causes our anchor bridle to become permanently snagged in our external bow thruster. They don’t teach you this in sailing school! We savor all the moments that brought us to where we are on our journey as we arrive to the shores of The Bahama’s.

S2:E3 Sailing a Tropical Storm After COVID19 Changes Our Sailing Plans

COVID19 forces us to rethink and change our sailing plans. After a month of isolating during The Bahama’s mandated lockdown orders, we finally head back out to sea. While moving our sailboat to the next destination, we cross paths with a tropical storm that no one predicted until it was too late. We sail to our nearest bailout spot, nearly 90 nautical miles away.

S2:E4 Fun Exploring Charleston Before Sailing North in the Atlantic

After our brush with Tropical Storm Bertha, we hide away in the Charleston Harbor Marina. With the help of our electric scooters, we explore and have some fun in Charleston before it’s time to sail again. Together we sail to Winyah Bay where we find a beautiful and secluded anchorage.

S2:E5 Adventures Sailing the ICW and Chesapeake Bay

Our sail north continues towards the Chesapeake Bay as we navigate our way through the intracoastal waterway (ICW). We find our favorite and most beautiful spots of the ICW, experience a terrifying lightening storm, and have fun in our Carolina Beach anchorage. We arrive in the Chesapeake Bay where we have an amazing sail!

S2:E6 Perfecting Our Sailing: Spinnaker, Sail Trim, and Wind Angle Sailing

We finally arrive to the Chesapeake Bay, where we spend a summer perfecting our sailing. With flashbacks from our first times sailing together just a few short years ago, we have come a long way to understanding how to sail our Beneteau with more precision. Here, we perfect our asymmetrical spinnaker sailing, sail trim and twists, and sailing to a wind angle.

S2:E7 Sailing Destinations of the Chesapeake Bay

Our summer in the Chesapeake Bay was a busy one with unexpected work. But with our last two weeks in the bay we were determined to set sail and discover what have become our favorite destinations of the Chesapeake Bay.

S2:E8 Sailing South – Chesapeake Bay to Florida

With our season in the Chesapeake Bay now over, we begin our journey south down the coast from Maryland to Florida. We make our first ever passage around Cape Hatteras and visit some new coastal towns and pristine national parks along the way. Once in Florida, our next stop… sailing to The Bahamas!