SEASON 1 – Our Sailing Life Begins

Brian and Mandi purchase their first sailboat, a 2008 Beneteau Oceanis 46. Together they learn to sail, deliver their boat to a new location, and spend the summer months in the boatyard. Watch as they learn their sailboat and overcome obstacles before they finally set sail!

S1:E1 Learning to Sail Our Beneteau 46 w/ NO Experience

After purchasing s/v Shonto, a 2008 Beneteau Oceanis 46 Sailboat, the marina gives us only two months to move out. Our only problem? We have no experience sailing or docking a boat this size. We learn how to sail our boat by taking expert sailing lessons from Captain Z. But, will he approve us to operate Shonto on our own in time to leave???

S1:E2 Sailing Around Florida in 9 Days

After years of dreaming, and months of preparation, we finally sail s/v Shonto to the sea on a nine day sailing journey from St. Petersburg, Florida, to Cape Canaveral, Florida. This is our first time sailing an ocean, our first time sailing overnight, and our first time sailing in unknown waters and ports. Anxiety is high and the stress of the trip may end our sailing dream before it starts.

S1:E3 The Boatyard – A Sailors Rite of Passage

After sailing from St. Petersburg, Florida to Cape Canaveral, we haul our sailboat out from the water… and into the boatyard – every sailors rite of passage! Two months in the sweltering Florida sun, we rewired our mast, updated our Garmin electronics, replaced several thru hulls, repaired the rudder, bottom painted the hull, and more. BUT, will we make it back in to the water without sinking???

S1:E4 Sailboat Power – Installing our Arch, Solar Panels, and Generator

Our departure date to begin our sailing journey around the world is fast approaching. The last big sailboat power projects are to install the solar arch, install our solar panels, and finish fixing our generator. But with only two weeks until we have to leave, our generator project ends in DISASTER!!! We need to make a hard decision: sail without a generator; try to fix it… again; or replace the generator with a new one?

S1:E5 The Day We Leave Our Land Lives Behind and Sail Away

After almost a decade of sail planning, and a year of exhausting boat work, our day to finally leave our land lives behind and sail away is here. We wondered how this day would feel for a long time, and we were surprised with what we found when we left the docks for good.