We’re searching for extra crew to sail with us! We’ll be sailing from Maryland to Florida, on to The Bahamas, the Caribbean, to Grenada, and on! In late October/early November 2020 we’ll be leaving Annapolis, MD and expect to be in Grenada by late May 2021. If you’d like to crew on legs of this journey, keep reading! Plans could vary greatly depending on world affairs.


Please make sure to read the expectations below. But first, know that we are nice people who like to have fun. We’ve learned through personal experience, and from fellow sailors, if expectations aren’t set first, there’s a chance for unhappiness onboard. So check out the expectations below, and if this crew opportunity sounds like a good fit for you, connect with us! Remember, we’re living in a small space where lives, safety, and happiness is dependent on each other. We live on a 47ft sailboat, so imagine living with 3 other people… in a boat the size of a nice walk in closet 😉. With that said, know we’re all about having a good time and we are excited to find crew!

And now, for the nitty gritty…


  • Preferred age range: 26 – 45
  • Must be healthy and fit, no existing health conditions
  • Must KNOW if you don’t get easily sea sick. This means you’ve been on a boat in the ocean before
  • MUST have similar diet to ours or agreeableness to adapt, space is too limited for different foods (fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, eggs, fish/meat limited to few times per week)
  • Sailing experience preferred, but not required.
  • Would like to find crew who can stay on board for at least 1 month

SETTING EXPECTATIONS – remember, be honest with yourself 🙂

  • Speaks English, doesn’t have to be your first language
  • Good communicator & can understand directions
  • Owns or can purchase necessary Sailing gear/clothing, life jacket, and PLB
  • Clean, tidy & organized, and hygienic (not enough space for messes)
  • Eager to learn, work, have adventures, and create fun experiences
  • “WORK”: Please understand everyone is crew, and pitches in on work equally
    – boat maintenance, cooking, cleaning, basic chores, etc.
    – if you can’t handle the maintenance involved in storing your own poo, this ain’t for you
  • Responsible for watch duties (including night shifts); lives are dependent on this
  • FINANCES – This is a shared contribution crew opportunity, and must have money for expenses:
    – Your own fare to arrive to and leave the boat
    – Your own cellphone and service/SIM card
    – Your own quick response COVID19 tests within appropriate time frames for each country
    – Monthly costs expected to be around $500 per person per month, may vary. Shared contribution costs will include food, fuel, cruising permits, some boat maintenance costs, and other direct onboard living costs
    – Positivity cannot be overstated!; friendly; easy going; sense of humor; open minded; sense of adventure; and overall good human
    – Absolutely no racism, discrimination, sexism, hate, political divisiveness, or violence will be tolerated. If you feel it’s your responsibility to “call out” people or otherwise be combative with others, this won’t be for you.
    – Has grit & perseverance; can handle tough situations
    – Must be comfortable and agreeable to being on camera, and being shown in videos/pictures on YouTube and social media
    – Healthy and fit; mentally stable; able to climb up and down stairs, jump, move fast, and endure little bumps and bruises; can stay awake and alert during night shifts
    – Light drinking okay; no drugs; no smoking (we are a dry boat while under way = no alcohol while the boat’s moving)


  • Make a short video of yourself, can be done on cell phone and doesn’t need to be fancy
  • Video should include:
    – Your name
    – Some info about you –  your likes and hobbies, we want to see your personality 🙂
    – Sailing and ocean experience
    – Length and time of availability (please be honest with this one, we don’t want to hold a spot for someone that isn’t actually available)
  • Share your video with us. Email your video to and send us links of your social media accounts.
    If your video file size is too large to send, there’s other ways to share it with us as well. You can post it as a private video on your YouTube or Vimeo account and email us the link; you can send us a link to your Dropbox; you can share the file on Google Drive using; or use another method that works best for you.
  • Keep an eye out for an email back from us


Click here to check out a tour video we did in The Bahamas, March 2020.