Hello! We are Brian and Mandi Russell. Two wildly imaginative minds that take life by the horns and appreciate all that the world has to offer.

We’re not just your average couple! We’re constantly on the lookout for our next adventure; those wonderfully exhausting and utterly breathtaking ones that really get us going. From freediving the caves and springs of florida, hiking the Tennessee mountains, to sailing wherever the wind blows, we’re always on the go.

Brian loves to create films that inspire him and others. He’s always got that next big idea, and loves researching the latest gadgets. And Mandi, with her love of words and art, expresses her experiences through writings, and miscellaneous creative pieces. She loves connecting with nature and the people around her.

Alongside of our full and exciting lifestyle, we’ve developed our latest adventure to sail around the world. Together we’ve not only unified our lust for life and adventure, but also we collaborate and pursue our dreams with our creative direction. Creating and sharing these experiences artistically is what fuels and drives us on our journey.

We hope you find a connection and a home with us, as much as we hope to find a connection with all of you